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Lantra Training
Health & Safety Training For Business Drivers
Every firm requiring an employee to use a vehicle in the course of employment has a duty, under the Health & Safety at Work Act (2003), to provide a written Safety Policy on its use. Not only this, each company must provide appropriate training and guidance to ensure the vehicle is a safe place to work. Land Rover offers thorough Health & Safety driver training to help ensure your business complies with these requirements.

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER 98) also requires employers to provide training in the safe use of work equipment, including 4x4 vehicles. If vehicles are driven off-road, or with trailers, training is even more vital. Land Rover can help by providing the specialist tuition your employees need.

Land Rover Experiences offer industry-recognised Health & Safety driver training at each of our nine UK centres. The full course lasts two days and provides each delegate with the highest quality training on vehicle systems, maintenance, driving skills and techniques ? all geared to ensuring the safety of themselves and others at all times.
All training is delivered by a network of experienced professional Land Rover Experience Instructors registered with the industry-recognised training body, LANTRA Awards. It´s just one step we´ve taken to ensure delivery to a consistent standard throughout the UK. At the end of the course successful delegates are awarded a Certificate of Basic Training, recognised by the Health & Safety Executive.

The 2 day course costs £449.98 + vat and can be booked at any of the nine UK centres.

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